Saharan adventure


Challenging art - the boat must be ready in days

When a group of carpentry students from Manchester were offered the trip of a lifetime, they jumped at the chance.

They were asked by one of the world's top contemporary artists to travel to the Saharan desert to build a replica of an ancient Egyptian ship. More...

The amazing Technicolor dreamboat

The Telegraph

Two leading Russian artists took a novelty to the Sahara - a ship with a painted sail. Nick Hackworth watched its launch

By any measure, it was a strange affair. Last month, a large group of people gathered on the shore of a small salt lake in Siwa, a remote oasis in the Sahara desert, to witness the maiden voyage of a 20ft sailboat made from reeds and palm leaves.

More than 300km from the nearest river, this modest stretch of water in Egypt has never before been graced by a vessel of any kind. Not that this boat could float. Buoyed by inflatable pontoons hidden beneath the surface, the ship was a work by Russia's most famous and influential living artists, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. More...

Ship of Tolerance to Sail in Shajah

Art Masters St.Moritz 2010 Ship of Tolerance


Miami Art Fairs: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

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Does the West love the Kabakovs? Does the East do so?