Full Description

The project begins with an outreach to schoolchildren ages 8 to 12 to discuss the meaning of tolerance and the merits of other cultures, races, and ideas. For three weeks they will work with local teaching artists to expand their own cultural, creative, and academic horizons. At the end of the workshop period, children will draw pictures, some of which will become part of the installation.

Children will view the ship’s construction -- and meet the young carpenter apprentices from Manchester, England who will be building the boat. Selected paintings created by the children will form a giant sail, hoisted atop the just constructed ship.

The entire process will take 3-4 weeks, and during that time, hundreds of visitors will come by daily to view the construction, learn about the project, and be inspired by its message.

The ship’s launch is the project’s climax. Beautifully lit, the ship creates an atmosphere of joy and celebration for participants, including children, supporters, friends, local community leaders and the general public.