The Ship of Tolerance arrives at Capalbio

Giornale di Sicilia  · September 25, 2017

CAPALBIO – A twenty-foot-long wooden boat, whose sails are made up of paintings by children of different ages, cultures, ethnicities and geographic origin, on the theme of tolerance, hope, and dialogue between cultures.
The Ship of Tolerance is the iconic Ilya and Emilia Kabakov itinerant art project, which, after having shot the world, came to Capalbio, in the Garavicchio estate, next to the Tarot Garden created by Niki of Saint Phalle. The Ship of Tolerance has been flying since 2005 in various parts of the world – from Siwa, Egypt, Venice, New York to Havana, San Moritz to Sharjah, Arab Emirates, Rome to Capalbio – carrying a message of solidarity among peoples, intercultural exchange and respect for differences. Contemporary art, through an installation and sharing with the new generations, becomes so committed to bringing adults back to the child’s eye. “It’s a way to make the world better,” he said,
“For years I have been looking for works to be complemented by the Tarot Garden to be able to continue to make this hill a true open-air museum,” said Jacaranda Caracciolo Of Melito Falck, owner of the estate. Six months ago, I came across the project of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and struck me not only for beauty but above all for the humanitarian message behind. The ship of tolerance is a sculpture that carries a message we deeply believe in. ” The desire of Emilia Kabakov is that visitors, looking at the great sailing boat moored in Capalbio, “can experience joy, happiness, hope, dream, a chance to realize utopia.”