The Ship of Tolerance in the garden of Falck

Libero · 24 Sep 2017 · VERAAGOSTI

The celebrated installation of Kabakov spouses after travelling around the world, arrives in the “Tarot Garden »11th place of the soul of the industrial family hosting a peace message brought by children.

This was because of the great friendship that Jacaranda Caracciolo Falck’s father and uncle tied to the French artist. Tarot cards are the famous divinatory playing cards, born in Northern Italy around the mid-fifteenth century. In the Renaissance, barges for the game are particularly precious; subsequently in France and England the divinatory cards are used in an esoteric way. The artists are often fascinated by the narrative, philosophical and symbolic code they enclose. None to less Niki but Saint Phalle, the only female exponent of the Nouveau Realism, who in the last years of his career devoted himself with passion, after having completed the great museum dedicated to his companion Tinguely in Basel.

Very young, before her twenty years, a visit to Pare Guell of Gaudi in Barcelona urges his imagination and brings it to dream of a place with works similar to those of the Catalan park. Here’s where to go from drawings to maquette, the birth of immense sculptures covered by thousands of shining mirrors and colorful pottery in which it is possible to enter, immersed in the surrounding nature. The interior spaces of the Anthropomorphic environments have been conceived as places for daily living: a dining room and a kitchen, lounges and studios. From the mouths and giant eyes, you can observe the view as a perfect lookout point. I’m a person re-reading of the greatest arcans of the tarot: a world of fantastic and monstrous characters that do not scare but enjoy the carefree shapes and colors. A park of wonders and of the charm, which fascinates both young and old.

The monumental site, especially beloved by foreigners, has opened one day a month in winter and every day in the summer, counts 100,000 visitors a year, but looks forward to climbing to 5 million in the near future, also building a convenient parking space and a meeting point for the many tourists. From now, near the entrance to the Garden, you can admire the installation of the Ship of Tolerance (Nave della Tolleranza) by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, the renowned Russian duo who will open in October 18th an exhibition at Tate Modern in London and in the months to come in the Hermitage.

The Kabakovs met in 1989 and then got married shortly afterwards and begin a life and work together with four hands that has been successfully all over the world. Their research and conceptual matrix, after long reflecting on the history of the Soviet Union, Capitalism and Communism, they are now investigating human issues such as the fight for civil rights and feminism. Their most expressive form and “total installation” with pictorial, scenographic and cinematic architectural elements. The ship and its 27-meter long wooden sculpture representing a boat with its colorful sails -60 flags at Garavicchio, but will increase – were made with drawings of hundreds of schoolchildren from different nationalities in a traveling project that has touched many countries. Children of all ages and social background, have been involved in bringing a message of peace and hope and learning to respect the cultural differences of each, having the opportunity to be guided into teamwork and cooperation. The ship trip started in Africa in 2005, then arriving in Venice, St. Moritz, Miami, Havana, New York , Moscow, Zug, Capalbio, Rome and London in 2018.

Garavicchio’s event has been made possible from the entrepreneur Luca Del Bono together with Jacaranda Caracciolo Falck and his son Alessandro Borghese.

Two exhibitions are also dedicated to the Niki de Saint Phalle and to the Tarot Garden of Turin from 4 October to 14 January.