Noah’s Ark…or the Ship of Tolerance

Early morning, on Saturday, May 12, 2012, a surprised visitor walking along Havana’s Malecón inquired about the meaning of a boat with multicolored sails, which was “anchored” at the gardens behind the Castillo de La Real Fuerza. Some raised their shoulders in ignorance, while one resident of Old Havana, used to seeing something new every day in the oldest part of the city, said it must be another one of Eusebio Leal’s “inventions.” One passerby—I really can’t say if he was joking or serious, or because of the inveterate human habit of making others believe that they know it all—stated with absolute certainty that it was “Noah’s Ark.”

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The Ship of Tolerance is One of the main Attractions of the Havana Biennial

The ship of tolerance, a humanist project by Russian-American artists Emilia and Ilya Kabakov, will be one of the attractions of the 11th Biennial of Havana, to be inaugurated on May 11.

These creators have already shown this piece in Venice, Switzerland, England, Egypt and the United States. It consists of a ship, the sails of which are designed by children of the places it puts in at a port.

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Ship of Tolerance to sail in Havana Biennial

Cuban children and young people will paint the Ship of Tolerance with hope, one of the art projects to be exhibited at the 11th edition of the Havana Biennial, whose messages of peace will be raised here as of May 11. The Ship of Tolerance has been exhibited in several countries and is a symbol of fraternity. This art project was created to celebrate the International Day of Tolerance, declared by the United Nations in 1996, and children in every country decorate and print its sails with calls of encouragement. The ship arrived in Havana to participate in the Biennial and will be exhibited at the courtyard of Castillo de la Fuerza (Castle of the Royal Force) in Havana’s historic heart, as part of proposals in outdoors location, the most enjoyed by the public.

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